A downloadable Legends Reborn for Windows

After sometime when 4 heroes saved the world when they lived in The Netherlands, they moved all together to a different and unknown land, where they split up and lived far apart from each other.

Years later the world is in danger again, and it's in need of the lost heroes! What will happen if they don't save the world from a new and fearsome enemy.

Note: the in-game text is converted back to English earlier then expected, but there is a high possibility that the grammar is still incomplete or work in progress.

Install instructions

If you download the Win version of the game, just extract it with (for example: WinRAR) into a separate folder on your Desktop.

When you open the folder, find the 'Game.exe' file, double click it and you're done.
Now you can play the game. (If I'm right) 


The Legend of SupGamer NL - Legends Reborn (P1).zip 159 MB

Development log